Top Tips To Enhance Your Corporate Event Photography

Corporate events, whether they take the form of industry conferences, large exhibitions or milestone celebrations are at their most fun when they match professionalism with joy and excitement.

They are networking opportunities, professional encounters and also social occasions, and as a result, it can be difficult sometimes to determine what tone your photography should capture.

One way around this is a corporate photo booth hire, which allows individual delegates to decide the tone of their photography, but for social media, press packs and other purposes, here are some top tips to enhance your photography.


Trust In Creativity

It is easy to rely on so-called “grip and grin” posed shots, but variety is key to presenting the true emotions and themes of an event. Hire professional photographers and allow them to be creative with some shots.

This will provide not only unforgettable memories but also have exceptionally strong content for various media sources.


Natural Lighting Is Ideal

When capturing any event, you want to avoid taking viewers away from the moment that has been captured, and the best way to avoid this is to eschew artificial lighting and flash photography as much as possible.


Focus On The Abstract As Well As Faces

Marketing shots will not exclusively focus on people, so when running an event make sure to take shots that capture a mood as well as capturing the emotions of the people who are there.

Shuffling feet, nearby foliage or a hanging spotlight are all great shots that can be taken to convey a range of moods for social media marketing posts.