Top Tips To Finding The Right Photo Booth

Here are some considerations to make when finding the right booth for your event.

Regardless of the location, theme or design of an event, there will be a corporate photo booth available to hire that is just right.

There are a lot of options available, which include different types of cameras, different styles of booths, how photographs will be printed and given to delegates and the availability and nature of corporate branding.

Here are some considerations to make when finding the right booth for your event.


Open Or Closed Booth?

There is a wide range of different booth styles, with the only similarities between different booths being the camera and the background. Generally, there are two kinds of booth available, both with their own advantages to consider.

Open booths are more flexible and customisable, consisting of a camera and its controls and a background. These allow for flexibility, accessibility and the potential for big poses.

Closed booths, on the other hand, more closely resemble the booths used to take passport photographs and are generally a self-contained space. They are more private and have long been used to take very creative portraits.


Camera Quality

A photo booth should be able to take professional quality photographs, and one way to ensure this will happen is to use booths which have Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras (DSLR), which enables professional-grade photographs to be taken.



Part of the consideration when it comes to your booth is the lighting it provides. Typically flash camera systems produce better quality photographs but it depends on the location itself.


Digital Or Print?

Why not both? Look for photo booth options that not only save digital versions of images but also have a printing option available, to provide delegates with a memento of your event.