Top Tips To Take Better Photos

Here are some top tips for improving your photography game.

Photography is an amazing art form to be passionate about, whether it takes the form of spontaneous phone camera snaps, elaborate photoshoots or fun party snaps taken by a corporate photo booth hire.

Regardless of what equipment you use, photography is based on the same core principles of composition that can turn a simple headshot into an incredible portrait, or a party shot into a dynamic scene.

Here are some top tips for improving your photography game.


Think Composition

Composition is at the core of photography, much in the same way it sits at the core of other art forms.

In its simplest form, composition is about how you arrange your shot and all of the elements that are in it, which helps to turn a picture of some objects into a work of art.

This can involve the use of space, the angle of the subject and leading lines that guide the viewer’s eyes.


Take Advantage Of The Rule Of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a simple rule of thumb that splits the image into thirds and helps draw attention to different focal aspects. This is the reason why many dynamic photographs have a subject slightly off centre so they fit one of these points.

As well as this, creating a frame using a particular part of the scene places special emphasis on anything in it.


Consider The Importance Of Negative Space

The best photography is simple, and the less clutter around your subject, the more they are emphasised. This is why photo booths and photography studios have white backgrounds.

This is the concept of negative space, the empty space between objects which can draw our attention to the subject itself and often conveys solitude.