Top Trends To Include When Planning Your New Year’s Party

Take a look at our suggestions for what to include when throwing an unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party, including a Worcestershire photo booth and bubbly bar.

The focus might be on Christmas at the moment, but New Year’s Eve is just around the corner so make sure you put your thinking hat on and start organising what you’re going to get up to. 

If you want to throw a party on December 31st, here are some party-planning tips to make it a bash you’ll never forget. 

Countdown Wall

It is all too easy to lose track of time when you’re drinking and chatting with friends, so make a countdown wall that you keep updated with the correct time. This will force you to pay attention to the clock and not miss the moment it strikes midnight. 

Photo Booth

Give your friends something to enjoy during your big party by hiring a photo booth in Worcestershire, complete with plenty of silly props. 

While many of us are shy at having our photo taken, all inhibitions are forgotten when fake moustaches and feather boas come out, helping you get some fab and funny pictures of your mates to remember the night. 

Champagne Bar

Don’t leave the Champagne just for midnight and set up a bar with lots of bubbly for guests to enjoy all night long. 

You can include lots of mixers and mix-ins, such as pomegranate seeds and rosemary, so they can make the perfect fizzy drink to enjoy. 

Nibbles Board

New Year’s Eves are no longer about sit-down dinners, as everyone wants to mingle and have fun. So instead, why not enjoy the ultimate party centrepiece of 2022 and have a nibbles board?It could be a Mediterranean charcuterie board with plenty of cured meats, cheeses, and olives. Or you could embrace the  latest trend of a butter board, which blew up after starting on TikTok.