Unique Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Here we have a look at some ideas for a personalised celebration that will stick in everyone’s memories for years to come.

Nobody wants their wedding day to look like everyone else’s, and it’s normal to want your big day to stand out.

However, you want this celebration of your love story to stand out for the right reasons, and avoid the ‘cringe factor’, so we have a look at some ideas for a personalised celebration that will stick in everyone’s memories for years to come.


Personalise Your Drinks

Why not choose wedding drinks that have special meaning to you. It could be anything from the wine you had on your first date, or the champagne you had when you got engaged, or your favourite cocktails at the reception. Why not see if your wedding venue can create a special cocktail just for you?


Create a Bespoke Chill-Out Zone

Weddings are a busy day for everyone, so why not create a chill-out zone where guests can go and relax and chat when they want a break from dancing and music. Use cushions and blankets to create a comfortable, unique, outdoor seating area away from the activity and noise.


Create a Unique Playlist

Ask guests to send in song requests with their RSVPs and ask your DJ to include these in the reception playlist.


Have a Speciality Bar

After the wedding breakfast, unveil a special bar serving a spirit or cocktail that works particularly well as a digestif, such as brandy, whisky or espresso martinis.


Think Beyond Alcohol

Not everyone is an alcohol drinker, or wants to drink all day long, so why not get a pop-up bar that serves tea, coffee, or flavoured seltzers. It could be just the cup of tea for after the wedding breakfast, and before the reception begins!


Put Board Games on Tables

Love playing board games? Put your favourites on the tables, as they make great, post-dinner activities! You could even name the tables after the game which will be played, and guests can rotate throughout the evening.


Consider Confetti Alternatives

Not everyone likes confetti, and it may be that your venue doesn’t allow it. But you can still make a big ceremony exit with other props, such as ribbon wands, bells, or sparklers.


Ignore Bridal Tradition

In Western tradition, brides are expected to wear white, but these days many gorgeous brides are wearing every colour under the sun, but still looking beautifully bridal. Who says you even have to wear a dress? Why not wear a gorgeous, fitted suit?


Have a Wedding Theme

Wedding themes aren’t for everyone, but if there’s something that’s a big part of your lives, do consider making it the basis for your wedding look, whether that’s Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or Star Trek! You might need to practice saying your vows in Klingon though!


Get Great Guest Transport

If you have to transport guests between your ceremony and reception venues, make sure you do so in style, by hiring a red bus, or a fleet of cool camper vans!


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