Wedding Photos Discovered In Upcycling Project

A woman is on the hunt for a married couple who left one of their wedding photos inside an old chest of drawers, after she discovered the lost picture when she purchased the piece of furniture for an upcycling project.

The story has captured the hearts of the nation so much that BBC News is even trying to reunite the bride and groom with the lost image that Stephanie Yau from Manchester discovered recently.

Her fiancé James Black purchased the drawers from a man in Stockport, who told them he originally bought the furniture from a clearance store in Gloucestershire.

Ms Yau told the news publication: “I downloaded an app to look at the photos in colour and saw they are wedding photos from what looks like the 1980s.”

The negatives she located show images of a wedding party outside a church, with the couple’s attire looking distinctly from that era.

Sharing the photos online to try and hunt down the couple, the pictures show the groom wearing a cream-coloured suit and grey tie and the bride donning a puff-sleeved high-neck dress and short veil, which was very popular during the ‘80s. She also has a cascading bouquet with pretty pink and white flowers.

Thirty-years ago, wedding photos would have been captured on film, which means there wasn’t as many taken as there are these days, during the digital era. This makes the photo even more precious!

Couples can now have as many photos as they like, from formal ones to natural reportage images and silly pictures taken in a fun wedding photo booth in the Midlands.