What Are The Most Unique Features Added To Photo Booths?

Given that a corporate photo booth hire provides a unique experience to a conference, it is interesting that they can be so versatile and have new features.

A photo booth hired for a corporate event inherently stands out without even having to try. It adds a place in a particularly professional event where people can reveal another side of themselves and the passion of the people who are the beating heart of a business.

The set space for this has made booths even more relevant and important in the age of digital photography and social media than ever before, and the versatility for them to not only take pictures but make memories is a sight to behold.

Some booths, in particular, have added especially unique features in order to add value, appeal and, in at least one case, a public service.

Three-Dimensional Photography

A particularly novel approach to the photo booth experience is one that captures not only your face but your whole body, using either an orbiting camera rig.

There are a few ways this has been implemented, from panoramic animated GIFs using sweeping orbiting camera rigs to complex mechanisms that stitch together multiple camera images to create a 3D image similar to what a CAT scan does with X-rays.

One of the most interesting uses of 360 photography is using them in conjunction with a 3D printer to create selfie figures, leaving an unforgettable memory and souvenir of an event.

The major catch, and the reason why it has not caught on beyond a few specialists, is that 3D printing is currently exceptionally expensive, but the concept’s sheer uniqueness showcases just what can be done with a photo booth.

Safety Panic Button

A very recent and tragically important innovation in photo booths takes advantage of their ubiquity and privacy in order to get help for people who need it the most but do not feel safe enough to ask.

As reported by The Telegraph, an Italian photo booth distributor has installed what have been called “Pink Boxes” in conjunction with a charity that allows women who are in fear for their safety a moment of privacy to seek help.

The special booths have a dedicated panic button which called the 1522 government helpline, allowing people who fear they are at risk of stalkers and/or violent behaviour to get help with assurances of anonymity and the support of the Carabinieri.

With 4000 booths and seven million users in 2023 alone, Italy serves as an important test bed, and if the concept proves to be beneficial, photo booths may not only be used to make memories but potentially save lives.

Full-Body Games

Ever since the development and popularity of Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensitive camera, the concept of full-body games where you strike a pose, perform an action or move your body to perform actions in a game and create opportunities for exceptionally fun poses.

With the rise in popularity of open-air and “magic mirror” booths, this has made such social games even more popular and widespread, as well as providing a way to print out or share some unforgettable and potentially somewhat hilarious memories in a new way.