What Are The Rules For Weddings After 17 May?

The guidance for weddings was updated again as of Monday 17 May, as the lockdown restrictions were eased further.

The guidance for weddings was updated again as of Monday 17 May, as the lockdown restrictions were eased further, in step with the government’s roadmap out of the pandemic.

Brides and grooms-to-be will now be able to share their big day with up to 30 guests, however, much like Bomont, the small town in the film Footloose, dancing is not allowed, at least not yet!

Previously, the number of guests to your wedding would have had to have been drastically curtailed, and weddings were stopped altogether at the height of the second wave of the pandemic. Here are the changes now in effect and what you need to know.


Where can you get married?

Providing you are at a COVID-secure venue that has been allowed to open, your wedding or civil partnership ceremony will be able to go ahead. The new rules state that up to 30 guests can attend the celebration or reception, which has been increased from 15 guests.

Your reception can now take place indoors, but not in a private home, or outdoors, where it is allowed to take place in a private garden, however, outdoor weddings can be partially covered, in say a marquee, as long as 50 per cent of the covering’s walls remain open.


Do we have to wear masks/social distance?

Social distancing between separate households will no longer be required, although caution is advised, and to remain mindful of the risks of transmission.

The guidance states: “Instead of instructing people to stay two metres apart away from anyone they do not live with, people will be encouraged to exercise caution and consider the guidance on risks associated with Covid-19 and actions to take to help keep friends and family safe.

“You should always make space for other people to keep their distance if they want to.”

Food and drink can be provided at the venues and places of worship but “all reasonable steps” should be taken to ensure that people remain seated and the “sharing of vessels or glasses, including where part of a religious service, should be avoided”.


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