What To Do If You Postpone Your Wedding

For many couples-to-be, the government advice regarding weddings has been frustrating, and some couples are waiting for calmer times before going through with the ceremony.

The numbers allowed at weddings, already reduced from 30 guests, have been reduced down again to 15 guests, according to official government advice.

Some couples are scaling down their weddings and tying the knot come what may, but others want to wait until they can have the wedding of their dreams before having the ceremony and so are delaying their nuptials until 2021.

With everything still up in the air, here are four things to check when you decide to postpone.


Check The New Date

Pretty much the entire events industry is postponing and rearranging their 2020 and early 2021 events for later down the line.

When choosing the new date, make sure there are no major events nearby that might spoil the big day for you, or make hiring accommodation and amenities more difficult.

As well as this, as the big day gets closer, make sure to check what the rules are for events in your area, as certain local authorities may be a bit stricter than others depending on the circumstances.


Check Over All The Contracts

It always pays to be careful, for plenty of reasons. Read through your contracts and check to avoid any mixups, from the dates to the price, to any addendum sections that might attempt to be sneaky. Make sure you haven’t signed anything that could lock you in to something you don’t want.

For contracts going forward, it is worth paying attention to their deposit and cancellation policies as well.

Many companies will be in flux with their policies, from wedding photo booth hire to catering, to venues and accommodation. They may be more flexible during this time and have smaller deposit amounts because they understand how uncertain a wedding plan will be right now.


Make Sure Everyone Is Safe

Whilst we do not know how Covid-19 will affect events this time next year, it is incredibly important to stay safe and make sure that the celebrations are safe too.

Make sure to request that guests all wear face masks and make sure there are hand sanitising stations around the venue. This may sound sterile, but you can customise the sanitation bottles to fit your theme or order custom face masks for your guests to match the style of the occasion.

As well as this ask your guests to take Covid tests before the occasion, to give yourself and your family peace of mind. After all, the people who are invited to your wedding are often the most important in your life.


Be Creative With Catering

We do lament that the big buffet or giant pie or hotpot is not going to be the best thing right now, but there are still creative and safe ways to serve food.

Caterers can use food covers that match the theme of your venue and wedding, as well as individual plates of finger food and drinks that have been pre-made to be a little safer.