Where Can You Find The Most Photo Booths In One Place?

Typically a photo booth is an interesting, social part of a larger event complex. However, there is one location in Osaka where the booths are the event itself.

A photo booth tends to be a relatively small but important part of a much larger event, which allows for memories to be made, networks to be forged and a lot of fun to be had. 

Even during corporate events, a photo booth can show a different and more personal side to a set of colleagues, acquaintances and peers, and provide a lot of added value to an event.

However, whilst in most cases a photo booth is an accoutrement that makes an event better, there is one record-setting place where the photo booths are the event itself.

Based in Osaka, Japan, HEP (Hankyu Entertainment Park) is a huge shopping centre known for its fashion boutiques, love of technology and trademark red Ferris wheel.

This fashion and technology focus intertwined in the form of Eggnam, a huge photo booth studio owned and operated by Bandai Namco, that is home to 40 photo booth machines, which would earn the company a Guinness World Record in the process.

Part of the reason for this is that it is in the same location as Osaka’s most popular fashion boutiques, meaning that a lot of young people pass by and want to take a picture in their new outfits.

Another part of it is the enduring popularity of photo booths in general in Japan, known as Purikura, a contraction of Print Club, which was the name of an exceptionally popular series of interactive photo booths that printed out sticker photographs with frames and effects on them.

Finally, the Eggnam store also has a costume rental shop that takes advantage of the hugely popular trend of Cosplay (short for “costume play”), with a costume rental shop, changing room, hair salon and themed events.

It remains to be seen if other similar large-scale photo booth studios leave Japan, but given that the world record was only awarded in late 2020 and it has taken a while for event locations to return to normal, it still remains to be seen if this record can be broken.