Why Hire A Photo Booth For Your Next Event?

Whether you’re organising a corporate event or a festive bash to reward loyal customers at your business, a photo booth could be the perfect addition – and have more value than simply as a novelty on the night.

A recent article for Augusta Free Press explained that having a photo booth can be a great way of recording everyone who attended your event – especially if you strategically position it near the entrance so everyone who comes in goes through it.

It can also be a great talking point and a fun way of getting your guests to interact with one another. Make sure you get some fun props to give people conversation starters and allow them to be a little creative in the booth.

If you’re hosting an event with a sit-down meal and different tables, consider placing props for the photo booth on each table. This could help get your guests to engage with it and, again, provides a fun talking point. It’s an especially good approach where not everyone on a table knows everyone else.

While photo booth hire in the Midlands is the easiest way to get up and running at your event, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some personalisation.

Speak to the provider about adding your own props into the mix, especially if you want to have branded signs to help spread the word about your business on social media.

Make sure everyone who attends is able to access their photos easily too. You want them to share the snaps across social media to raise awareness of your event and business, if that’s what you’re hosting it for.

If you’re new to organising large events, take some tips from an experienced party planner. Christina Frasers offered some advice to Sarasota Magazine, stressing that it’s particularly important to be resourceful and keep a cool head if you’re organising a large event.