Why Indoor Booths Make Sense In A Changing Climate

A popular reason for photo booth hire in the UK is it offers a way of getting pictures that are sheltered from rain, but summer heat may be just as important.

If you are planning an event for a date this summer, it is likely the weather will be playing on your mind. From flaming June to damp July, this has been as capricious a summer as many can remember – and we are only halfway through it in meteorological terms.

Weather forecasters have said this year has seen a pattern of persistent, lengthy spells where the basic pattern of the weather has remained in place for weeks on end. While this has left Britain cowering under umbrellas due to the persistence of the jet stream, much of continental Europe has roasted in record-breaking heat.

Your summer event might be a party, a corporate event, or a wedding, the last of which is the most important for capturing memorable photographs. Photo booth hire in the UK can often be undertaken with weather factors in mind; after all, getting great outdoor pictures at a summer party and even more so at a wedding is highly desirable, but not always possible.

However, in view of June being the hottest on record and the thought that at least some of the searing heat experienced in Europe could come here – though not before mid-August according to the latest Met Office projections – it may be as wise to consider the benefits of a booth in very hot weather.

For some folk, the thought of having to stand around for formal photos in very hot weather, with the risks of heatstroke or sunburn, is far from enticing. That may be just as good a reason to head to a booth that is either indoors or at least offers some shade itself as an alternative means of immortalising the day.

If this year is a sign of how erratic and extreme our weather is going to be, it will become increasingly risky to rely on having good outdoor conditions for photography at your events. The predictable, comfortable microclimate of a booth could be the one thing you can be sure of in an increasingly uncertain climate.