Why Photo Booths Can Save The Very Wettest Of Wedding Days

Looking for photo booth hire in Birmingham is a wise move if you want to make sure everyone gets great wedding day pictures whatever the weather is like.

After one of the wettest winters on record and a very damp spring to follow, everyone will be hoping for a warm and sunny summer. Sadly, however, it cannot be guaranteed.

This is an issue anyone wanting to get married in the Midlands will have to consider as they put together their nuptial plans. Everyone hopes they can get lots of fine outdoor pictures with leafy backgrounds and lots of smiling faces in the sunshine, but sometimes the elements just won’t play ball.

Indeed, here is some bad news: June is the month when it rains the most in Birmingham. Maybe it’s the height above sea level, the distance from the sea or whatever, but this is a fact. If you are getting married in June, the only guarantee is long daylight hours.

However, photo booth hire may come to the rescue. Rather than have everyone look like drowned rats or cowering under umbrellas, everyone can climb into the booth and take some superb pictures, all indoors where it will be nice and dry no matter what is happening outside.

Even if it is a nice sunny day, the booth can add to the reception in its own special way. While those set-piece photos with relatives, the best man and the bridesmaids will be important and no doubt be framed and hung on walls for years to come, a booth can capture the fun and merriment of the day as folk enjoy themselves once the formal stuff is done.

After all, a wedding day is an important occasion, but it is one day of your life. Seeing the evidence of friends and family you have known for years having a great time as they let their hair down will make the memories all the more special – particularly when that hair is still dry.