Would You Have A ‘No Phone Photos’ Rule At Your Wedding?

Many couples have a ‘no photos’ rule for their wedding, but with a photo booth hire guests can take as many images as they want of themselves enjoying the day.

Back in the day, if a wedding guest took photos of the bride and groom, it would take weeks for them to process the film, and the pictures wouldn’t be seen by anyone other than possibly the happy couple themselves. 

However, these days, everyone can whip out their smartphone, take pictures of the bride and groom’s happiest moments and put them on social media before they’ve even said ‘I do’. 

This is why lots of couples insist on a ‘no photos’ rule at their wedding, as they don’t want their Big Day to be open for public consumption.

Let’s face it, friends and family might think they are amateur photographers but their pictures of the bride getting ready, the groom tearing up, or the best man doing his speech aren’t going to be as good as the professional photographer’s. 

What’s more, nobody wants to see less than flattering photos of themselves online when they’re meant to be walking on cloud nine. 

Wedding planner Carina Van Son also told Brides.com that not letting loved ones photograph the wedding means they can be fully present, and it also “reduces the chance of a guest accidentally standing into one of the professional photographers’ shots”. 

Even if the newlyweds do not impose a photo ban, it is proper wedding etiquette not to post pictures online before they do. Some people don’t want their photos to be shared on social media, not least before they’ve had a chance to look through themselves. 

A 24-hour photo freeze is a good idea in any case, as it gives the couple a chance to post the first images if they want to. 

And, of course, if you’re not allowed to take pictures of the special occasion, all the more reason to make the most of the wedding photo booth hire, which enables you to get as many fun and silly pics of you, your friends and the happy couple as you wish.