Could An Open-Air Photo Booth Work At Your Event?

With the weather certainly feeling more spring like and summer just a couple of months away, you might be hoping that any events you throw in the next few months can be hosted al fresco, or at least in part.

Photo booth hire in the UK has become increasingly popular, and with good reason. Whether you want some more informal and comedic shots of your guests at your wedding, or want to encourage people at a corporate event to relax and enjoy themselves, photo booths are perfect.

While there’s something charming about photos of people piling into a tiny booth to take photos with all manner of props, this isn’t the only way to go.

Digital Journal recently suggested that an open-air photo booth could be the best choice for your next event.

These are a great option because they allow bigger groups of people to all get into a shot, and they give you space to be a little more creative with your poses. It also means you could choose some larger props if you want to as well.

In fact, because you can customise your photo booth experience with props, they’re suitable for all kinds of events. At weddings you can choose props that relate to the happy couple, while at corporate events it might be something around a company’s branding or products.

The nice thing about photo booths is that everyone can take a keepsake of the event home with them.

An open-air photo booth will deliver high-quality photos that you’ve got a bit of control of. You’ll still have a set for the booth, it just won’t be quite as cramped as a traditional booth. That means you’ll need somewhere you can set up the lighting and backdrop. Speak to the company you’re hiring booths from about their different backdrops too.

Photo booths can fit into a number of the top wedding trends for this year too. Pinterest suggested earlier this year that backyard weddings have become increasingly popular and a photo booth will fit perfectly with that friendly and cosy aesthetic.

Choose a corner of your garden to use as your photo booth area, and get a professional company to come and set it all up for you. Then you can watch as people drift over in that direction – and enjoy the photos that come out of it by the end of the night.

Brides and grooms increasingly want to personalise their weddings, so a photo booth makes sense as they can pick props that mean something to them and look forward to some silly photos of their friends and family alongside the professional, staged shots of the day.

Of course, this doesn’t just have to apply to weddings. Planning a big summer party? Consider adding a photo booth to keep your guests entertained and come away with a lot of fun pictures.

If you’re planning a corporate event, a photo booth can be a great way to convince people to share pictures on social media. Just make sure your booth is branded appropriately so that you get the maximum benefit.