Top 2019 Wedding Trends Revealed

As 2018 comes to a close it’s only natural that we start to look back over the past 12 months at what was popular, and what wasn’t, in the world of weddings. Of course, we’re also looking forward to the top trends for the coming 12 months.

Pinterest has recently released its annual trend report, which details the top 100 trends for the next year over a host of categories from travel and beauty to interior design and parenting.

Weddings are, naturally, an area of interest, so there are also a few wedding trends in the list for next year too. Among them is golden wedding dresses, with the website revealing that searches for gold wedding gowns have increased by 1,552 per cent this year.

Backyard weddings are another trend that’s on the increase, with searches for this term growing by 441 per cent. They represent a chance to “keep things cozy and cost-friendly”, the social media site noted.

Smoke bomb photography, meanwhile, is also rising in popularity at weddings as well as other celebrations.

And another trend to watch for weddings next year is that of neon signs, with searches for neon wedding signs up by 281 per cent.

With all the fancy fun, don’t forget about photography that everyone at your wedding can get involved in. While a professional photographer is a must to capture the beauty of your big day, wedding photo booth hire allows everyone to get in on the action and express their personalities.

You can also make your wedding photo booth personal to you and your partner with our top tips. Think carefully about the props you provide and pick items that have some kind of link to you or your relationship.

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