How To Personalise Your Wedding Photo Booth

It seems that almost every wedding has a photo booth these days, but as the experts at Martha Stewart Weddings point out, the reason is that guests love a chance to pose for pictures and get a little silly with some props.

If you’ve got your heart set on wedding photo booth hire in the UK but don’t want your pictures to be the same as everyone else’s, there are some ways of personalising this element of your day without breaking the bank.

Martha Stewart Weddings offered some top tips on how best to do this. First up is to make your photo booth props personal to you and your partner.

Among the suggestions are oversize photos of your pets, personalised banners, or even items that relate to your favourite sports teams.

If you’re worried as the bride or groom that you’re not going to have the energy for yet more photos on your big day, even if they are fun and prop-filled, you could make sure you’re in the pictures by putting a cardboard cutout of you and your partner in the booth.

But if you’d prefer to stick with more traditional props like oversize glasses, feather boas and hats, you should still think about how you can make them more personal to your big day. For instance, you could ensure the colour scheme ties in with your decor, or you could pick a theme that means something to you and your partner.

Of course, photo booths are far from the only entertainment you can have at your wedding. We recently suggested some of the top ideas, which also included hiring a caricaturist or going the extra step by getting a live band to provide some rockaoke fun for your friends and family.

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