Paparazzi or Poker Face?

Paparazzi or Poker Face?

We all know that your special day is well, kind of special and makes the bride go Gaga at the mere mention of aisles, flowers and favours, but that’s not always the case for the guests.

While the bride can go into a frenzy of excitement, visualising her Wedding of the Year, the reality is that the guests don’t automatically share that same excitement.

For the guests, it’s the difference which makes the difference.

Do we sound like we’re not making much sense?

What we’re saying is that it’s the small things that make a difference to your day. And I suppose you could say that a hired deluxe photo booth in the middle of your venue isn’t exactly tiny, but it definitely makes a not so tiny difference to your day too.

We are in an age of wanting photographic evidence of a day as we’re all screen happy these days. We all know the phrase “If it isn’t on Facebook, it didn’t happen” right?

Well, just imagine how many more photos will be shared of your special day if you have a photo booth there with your guests all having great fun, being silly and generally REALLY enjoying themselves.

If that Facebook phrase is anything to go by, your wedding day will most definitely have happened!

Not only will the wedding be special for the bride and groom but it will get plenty of happy and positive publicity, meaning you can all keep sharing the memories for many a day in the future.

But there are other benefits to having a Planet Booth photo booth at your wedding.

The first one being that they are just SO entertaining!

Weddings – whilst being a truly lovely day – also have the potential to be a bit dull. sorry (not sorry!) while you’re all waiting for the wedding photographer to work their magic. In their eyes, they need plenty of wiggling and manoeuvring while they try to capture the perfect shots for you all to remember, which means a lot of waiting for the guests.

So instead of the poor guests sitting around while you wiggle and manoeuvre your way into a lifetime pic worth keeping, they can be doing their own wiggling and giggling – donning props such as feather boas, silly hats and princess tiaras.

And that’s just Grandad!

The amount of smiles we see which come naturally with a photo booth never gets tiring.

We see far more smiles come naturally with a photo booth than any of the staged ones by the photographer hoping to capture a shot where everyone is managing to flash their pearly whites at the same time. (Don’t tell them we said that though!)

Don’t just take our word for it though – here’s a few reasons why brides think you need a photo booth too!

For one, it means there’s less pressure on the bride and groom to stay on top of their mingling and they can actually relax and enjoy their day.

Say cheese! Or strike a pose – your call